Tourism and handicrafts: workshops for economy teachers
تیر 12, 1396

Traditional art and creativity: weaving workshops for children

It is important to help children maintain a connection to their culture, these connections help children to understand where they have come from and to develop their sense of belonging and identity. Artists and cultural institutions are important resources in this context and they must give higher priority to children’s and young people’s needs within the frame of their ordinary activities. Persis group with cooperation of Art university of Isfahan held a one-day weaving workshop for children aged 8 to 12.

Traditional art and creativity

The workshop was held at the faculty of handicraft on March 12th 2016. First, the dean of handicraft department introduced Art majors as well as Hakim traditional houses to kids and their parents.
Them, kids were guided through the process of weaving by the students of carpet designing. In a friendly and relaxed environment, they learned about 2 simple methods of Iranian traditional weaving and at the end, took away their own piece of woven art. At the end of the workshop children had the skills of weaving. They gained a greater understanding of the Iranian traditional weaving and also had real fun.

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